8 Ways Handyman Services Help the Elderly

As individuals enter their golden years, ensuring their homes are safe, comfortable, and accessible becomes imperative. However, with the exception of a few smaller changes, most of these improvements require the assistance of a professional.

Enter Timnath, CO home maintenance services for seniors – the most reliable and convenient way to transform a home into a safe haven for the elderly, ensuring their well-being and independence. But, how exactly can a handyman help? Let’s dive in and find out!

Where in Timnath, CO can I find reliable home maintenance services for seniors

What are the most common handyman services for the elderly?

The services of a reliable handyman are incredibly diverse, ranging from minor convenience adjustments to major safety modifications. However, some upgrades are more popular than others, due to the amount of safety, convenience, and independence they can bring into a person’s life.

Accessibility modifications

Considering how accessibility and safety are among the primary concerns for seniors, it’s no wonder that these upgrades are at the very top of our list. Services such as the installation of grab bars, railings, portable or fixed ramps, and stairlifts can make navigating the home much easier, significantly reducing the risks of accidents.

Bathroom safety upgrades

By far the most hazardous area of the house for the elderly, the bathroom typically demands the most extensive modifications. Here, handyman services can help by installing:

  • Grab bars;
  • Shower seats;
  • Walk-in tubs;
  • Motion-sensor faucets;
  • Anti-scald devices;
  • Anti-slip flooring.

Not only do these improvements help mitigate the slip-and-fall risks, but they also instill confidence in seniors intent to take care of themselves independently.

Electrical/Lighting improvements

Living in a well-lit home carries numerous psychophysical benefits for everyone. However, seniors can definitely gain the most out of the upgrades such as brighter light, additional fixtures and outlets, or smart lighting. In addition to improving visibility, these modifications also improve the overall appearance and sense of security of a home.

Door & window repairs/modifications

Faulty doors and windows are more than just an inconvenience, seeing how they force the elderly to exert more effort to operate them. Fortunately, a good handyman service can remedy these issues swiftly and with ease. By replacing problematic hinges, latches, and handles, trained pros enable seniors to maintain much better control over their environment.

Furniture assembly/installation

Seniors who are intent on aging-in-place often decide to downsize, replace their furniture with more maintenance-friendly variants, or install pieces that are more functional and accessible. Here, handyman services can be a godsend in a variety of ways, from installing roll-out shelving and furniture assembly to countertop height remodeling.

Home refreshment

Every home can benefit from a new coat of pain once in a while. While most of us decide to undertake this fun project DIY-style, the elderly often do not have that luxury, primarily due to health and safety concerns. However, they always have the option to entrust this task to skilled pros, who can ensure their homes are fresh and aesthetically pleasing.

Security enhancements

Home security is often high on the priority list, especially for senior citizens who live alone. To ensure their peace of mind, a lot of handyman companies in Timnath offer security improvement services. These typically include installing features such as peepholes and door/caretaker cameras but, also, reinforcement of doors and windows.

Minor repairs & maintenance

For seniors, even the smallest repair can present a big challenge. Fortunately, that’s why they have handyman services. Aside from taking care of regular maintenance of essential household systems (e.g. plumbing, electrical, HVAC), they can also prevent minor problems from escalating, as well as put measures in place to ensure they do not reoccur.

What are the most common handyman services for the elderly

Where in Timnath, CO can I find reliable home maintenance services for seniors?

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