5 Home Modifications for Seniors: Safety & Accessibility

Throughout the US, there’s a growing “trend” of aging in place. Even though assisted living communities offer enhanced levels of care, convenience, and comfort, more and more individuals are choosing to spend their golden years in their lifelong homes and familiar neighborhoods.

While this decision is more than understandable and beyond justified, the fact remains that this way of living comes with as many challenges as it does perks. Fortunately, with the assistance of Timnath, CO home repair services for seniors, said challenges can be easily surmounted

How can I make my home safe for an elderly person?

Safety is the primary concern when it comes to adapting a home for aging in place, so we’ll focus on these upgrades first.

Flooring modifications

Tripping and slipping are among the most common causes of in-home injuries, and old carpeting and throw rugs are usually the main culprits. In these instances, it’s highly advisable to:

  • Remove throw rugs altogether or, at least, fasten them down;
  • Replace old carpeting with new one or remove it altogether;
  • Replace ceramic tile flooring with either hardwood or vinyl counterparts.

Bonus tip: While not technically a “floor modification”, cables also fall into this category. Since cords can be a true health hazard, it pays to put some time and effort into their efficient management.

Kitchen modifications

Two more notable upgrades include:

  • Induction cooktops, which vastly reduce the risk of nasty burns;
  • Smoothening the edges of the furniture reduces the risk of bruising and lacerations.

Bathroom modifications

One of the most used and essential areas of the home can also be one of the most hazardous for the elderly, placing it at the top of the priority list. Several modifications that stand out here, due to the amount of safety and convenience they bring include:

  • Bathtub: Replacing a standard tub with a walk-in (side opening) variant eliminates the need for “bathroom gymnastics” every time you want to take a shower. Alternatively, you may consider transforming it all together into a “wet room” style shower, as it can add more convenience, especially in terms of maintenance.
  • Grab bars: This inexpensive upgrade is an excellent addition to every bathroom and you should have it installed near the bathtub/shower and toilet.

How can I make my home accessible for seniors?

With safety taken care of, it is time to focus our attention on making navigation more convenient. Additionally, accessibility modifications will further enhance safety, which is a massive plus.

Doorways & passageways widening

While it can benefit everyone, this modification is an absolute must-have for individuals who rely on mobility aids to navigate their homes. Aside from making it possible to go outdoors and indoors without help, thereby increasing levels of independence, widening doorways and hallways goes a long way toward preventing fall-related injuries.

Accessibility aids

Continuing on the topic of navigational challenges, several accessibility options can make life easier for the elderly.

  • Ramps are among the cheapest and easiest to install upgrades, which add a lot to the convenience and safety of the place;
  • Stairs, as the main nemesis of household movement, can be overcome with the addition of banister rails, stairlifts, or floor lifts.
  • Lighting is essential for safe navigation. Aside from ensuring your home is well-lit through the addition of more fixtures, you can go a step further and opt for motion-sensor lights to enhance the convenience even more;

Kitchen adaptations

When it comes to the kitchen, many modifications can make your life easier. However, the most notable one is adjusting the height of counters, sinks, and (potentially) cabinets. 

  • Lowering the height makes it easier for individuals in wheelchairs to navigate and operate. 
  • Increasing the height can make food preparation more relaxed, as it allows for a body to stay in its natural, upright position. 

Bathroom adaptations

Sitting down and standing up can be challenging for the elderly, which is why you should consider having a seat heightener/extender installed. As an alternative, you can opt to replace the toilet with the “comfort” variant, which is higher than the regular one and allows for greater levels of comfort and convenience.

Which Timnath, CO home repair services for seniors near me are proficient and dependable?

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