#1 Shelving Installation Services in Fort Collins for More Storage Space

Our custom shelving will give you the storage your home needs

Handyman Connections of Fort Collins is here to provide long-lasting solutions to your problem with lack of storage. We’re here to design custom shelving for your home  as well as provide mounting and installation services in Fort Collin and nearby areas, including Wellington, Windsor, Timnath, and Loveland. Our shelving experts will take care of everything – just tell them where you need more storage space.

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Your own team of specialists

Our experienced technicians take care of all the details

Our team of professionals will first take the time to inspect your specific needs for additional storage and design the most adequate shelving for your problem. Then, they will manufacture the shelving using durable and hard-wearing materials, and perform expert mounting and installation service. We provide a comprehensive and streamlined shelving service that will fulfill your exact needs and requirements. Contact us today!

We offer an array of services

This is what we do best

Handyman Connections of Fort Collins is here to offer reliable prefabricated and custom shelving installation services in Fort Collins and the surrounding neighborhoods. This is one of the best ways to increase the storage space around your home and enhance the functionality of your space. Take a look at what we offer:

  • Installing prefabricated home shelving systems
  • Planning, designing, and installing new closet shelving and storage
  • Designing and implementing custom shelving
  • Installing built-in bookcases
  • Adding laundry shelving
  • Custom entertainment centers
  • Garage shelving

We are industry-leaders

Why pick our expert shelf mounting service in Fort Collins

When adding storage space through premade or custom shelving, it’s vital to hire design, mounting, and installation experts near you in Fort Collins who have the skills and the experience to bring your ideas to life. This is what sets us apart from other professionals in Windsor, Wellington, Timnath, Loveland, and the nearby areas:  

We have the experience that allows us to offer comprehensive design and installation service

We are dedicated professionals: We employ only those professionals who are fully committed to their craft and who want to see you smile.

We are skilled at what we do: All our professional handymen have the skills required to perform shelf mounting and installation per our high standards. 

We are trustworthy contractors: We pay attention to employing only the most reliable and honest professionals to ensure your maximum safety. 

You can rely on us

We highly value customer satisfaction

We place the highest priority on the satisfaction of our customers. We want you completely happy with the shelving design, mounting, and installation service we have rendered. Our dedicated shelving specialists will take the time to inspect your home, listen to your storage needs, and then either design a custom system or find a suitable prefabricated solution that would perfectly suit your needs. But, if there’s something you’re not entirely satisfied with, contact us immediately and tell us what’s wrong. We will quickly dispatch a shelving expert to assess the problem and resolve it as quickly as possible and free of charge.

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Our custom solutions will grant you more storage and boost your home’s value

Our shelving specialists have the knowledge and the experience to design and install any type of shelving you need with precision.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make storage in my house?

If you’re struggling with storage at your home in Timnath, Windsor, Wellington, Loveland, or anywhere else in the vicinity of Fort Collins, there are many different ideas you can try out to maximize your storage space:

  • Using the inside of your side table for hidden storage
  • Turning your coffee table into a storage container
  • Placing the out-of-season clothing under your bed
  • Placing a skirt over your sofa for more hidden space
  • Using all the space above your kitchen cabinets
  • Transforming doors into storage spaces
  • Using a bookcase instead of a nightstand

However, one of the best ways to increase the storage space in your home is to add more shelving, either prefabricated or custom. It’s a good idea to contact one of the reputable shelf  mounting, and installation companies in Fort Collins and inquire about the choices. 

Handyman Connections of Fort Collins is one such company. Contact us per your convenience and we will send an experienced pro to inspect your home, listen to your needs, and envision the perfect solutions. 

How deep should storage shelves be?

The general rule of thumb is that all shelves should be deep enough to allow safe item storing, while not being too deep to allow items to get hidden behind other items. However, the depth of the shelves also depends on your needs and the space you plan to place them in.

That is why it’s always best to contact a professional company such as Handyman Connections of Fort Collins. It doesn’t matter if you live in Fort Collins or any of the nearby areas. One of our experts will come to your home and tell you how deep your shelves should be.

How do you build storage shelves?

While making custom shelving for your home in Fort Collins can seem like a straightforward and interesting project, it can quickly turn into a complicated mess if you have no previous experience doing so. 

There’s more to mounting and installing a shelf than just taking a tape measure, cutting, and nailing pieces of wood together. That is why shelving is always best left to professionals to handle and ensure maximum quality of work.

Handyman Connections of Fort Collins is a company that caters to residents of Fort Collins and all the nearby communities. We will send a qualified professional in custom shelving installation to build your shelving and mount it for you. Reach out to us today!

How much does it cost to install shelves?

The only way to reach an accurate estimate of the projected costs for a custom shelving installation is to reach out to Handyman Connections of Fort Collins. We will gather the necessary info and give you an estimate of how much your shelving will cost. Give us a call today!

Who offers custom shelving installation & mounting services near me in Fort Collins?

If you have the need for increasing the storage space in your home in Fort Collins, installing custom might be one of the best options that would resolve all your issues with lack of storage. However, in order to maximize the functionality of your custom shelving, you want to hire reputable shelf design, mounting, and installation contractors to ensure a job well done.

Luckily, you can always rely on Handyman Connections of Fort Collins. We cater to residents across the area, including Loveland, Wellington, Windsor, and Timnath. We offer a wide array of expert handyman services, including a detailed set of different shelving services in the area, expertise-based plumbing assistance, as well as high-quality painting services for your Fort Collins home

We’re experienced, skilled, and dedicated contractors who fulfill all their tasks with a high degree of professionalism and precision. To us, it makes no difference if you’re located near the Center for Fine Art Photography, or closer to the Gregory Allicar Museum of Art. Just tell us where you are and leave your home maintenance to us. Call us today!