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Here at Handyman Connection of Fort Collins, our team is ready to breathe new life into your property in Windsor. We’re able to do this in many ways, carrying out a precise wallpaper installation as per your preference, or adding a fresh coat of paint to your interior or exterior walls. Our residential painters have what it takes to boost the aesthetics of your home, enhance the curb appeal, and preserve its value. Our company has a reputation for adjusting to individual requirements and needs, ensuring your property receives the best treatment.

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Our seasoned interior and exterior painters boast a long line of successful projects and happy customers in Windsor and the vicinity. This is in great part due to their efficiency and detailed approach, regardless of the stage or size of the job. They know how to identify areas that require most attention, prepare the site, work their way through, adjust to the specifics of your property, and fulfill all other tasks by the letter.

We cover a range of house painting services

Let our experts in Windsor bring your concept to life

You can select from a wide list of precise options. Here are just some of the tasks that you can expect from our team to carry out:

  • Precise exterior and interior house painting
  • Texture painting and faux finishing
  • Painting trim and accents 
  • Baseboard painting
  • Custom or ready-to-hang wallpaper installation
  • Outlining wallpaper borders
  • Staining and power washing decks and fences

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What makes us your preferred choice

At our company, we value expert craftsmanship, integrity, strong work ethic, and transparency. These are some of the core values that ensure every resident of Windsor receives the best results of our work. They reach to us frequently for a number of reasons, since we are:

Stringently vetted: Every new crew member is interviewed, background checked, and monitored for work qualifications, quality of performance, and professionalism.

Skilled and equipped: Our team has a broad set of skills and are versed with a number of different techniques in exterior and interior painting and wallpaper installation.

Professionally supplied: We’re always supplied with the highest quality of paint, precise brushes and rollers, tapes, and other materials.

Focused on your satisfaction: Our experts work carefully and ensure that no area of your wall is skipped. If that does happen, we’ll be back to fix the issue.

Committed to excellence

Our house painters strive for your full satisfaction

Your and your families’ happiness and well-being are our primary objectives. A newly painted residence can bring you many benefits, boost your mood, and enhance the curb appeal and overall value of your property. All of this will be brought to you by our efficient house painters and their use of cutting-edge techniques and professional materials and equipment. They’ll walk an extra mile to ensure you’re completely happy with the results, so leave your home improvement to us!

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Once you enlist seasoned exterior and interior painters, you can be sure that your project will be respected by the letter. Click below and receive a free estimate!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take painters to paint a house?

When you hire a team for interior or exterior house painting, they will spend at least a couple of days painting an average-sized home. If your residence is like most homes in Windsor, it will require some time to prepare, apply primer, and add a fresh coat of paint, and let it dry out properly. Seasoned painters will pay attention to all nooks and crannies and won’t waste time on backtracking, so hiring them has clear advantages. The time it will take will primarily depend on the size of your home, the amount of preparation work necessary to ensure lasting results, and the size of the team.

What do I need to know before painting my house?

Whether you’re planning to do it DIY or to hire residential painters, here is what you should know before you start the process:

  • Carefully pick the day for your project. Avoid working on hot, rainy, or windy days
  • Determine which parts of your home need most attention and where will you start
  • Know your type of walls and what type of paint is appropriate for exterior or interior house painting
  • Determine how much paint, primer, and other supplies do you need
  • Measure the size of your interior and exterior walls
  • Know how to protect your doors, windows, floors, sidewalks, and trim
  • Plan how to store or cover your belongings during the process

How often should you paint your house interior?

On average, your interior walls would require a fresh coat of paint every 5 to 7 years. This time can vary depending on the age of your walls, the quality of paint, humidity, and any extraordinary circumstances that might lead to additional repainting. To determine whether it’s time to hire local specialists in exterior or interior painting in Windsor, give us a call today!

What tools do you need to install wallpaper?

When you hire expert painters to perform professional wallpaper installation in Windsor, they will typically use the following tools:

  • Utility knife and scissors
  • Straight edge and ruler(s)
  • Plumb bob, to establish and draw correct vertical lines
  • Pasting board or table
  • Pasting and smoothing brushes

Where do you start when hanging wallpaper?

Local experts Most people recommend taking the first step in a hidden corner of a single room, or on a side of a natural border, for example a ceiling-high cabinet, or to the right of a window or a door. However, local experts in wallpaper installation in Windsor recommend hanging the first piece on the middle of the wall, if you aim to turn it into a feature wall.

Who can I hire for precise interior and exterior painting and wallpaper installation in Windsor, CO & the area?

It doesn’t matter if you’re living around Windsor Lake, closer to Poudre River Trail, or anywhere else in Larimer County, put your trust in Handyman Connection of Fort Collins. Apart from helping you with your water faucets and fixtures in Windsor, we’re also happy to serve Timnath, Wellington, Loveland, and other cities in the Fort Collins area. We are well known as providers of a variety of value-boosting and expert-based handyman services in Windsor. Therefore, you can count on us for:

We know how important it is to ensure your home is safe and sound, and having a team of professionals in your corner can spell a big difference. Save yourself the time and energy and call us!