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Handyman Connections is your reputable local company offering a selection of expertise-based bathroom renovation services across Wellington and all other nearby areas. We’ve assembled a dependable team of skilled handymen and bathroom remodelers capable of understanding the nuances of your vision and bringing it into reality. We work off your ideas and implement all your wishes without compromising on the build quality. This is how we manage to give you a new space that offers both the look and feel you’re looking for, without any compromises.

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Hiring us to perform top-to-bottom bathroom remodeling in Wellington and any of the other nearby communities means that you receive expert workmanship, high-quality materials, and contemporary design. We handle all the aspects of the renovation, including retiling all walls and floors, installing new fixtures, appliances, and faucets, implementing modern lighting, and performing bath to shower conversion, whether to a curbless or walk-in shower. You can also count on us to install any other necessary aging in place solutions for your elderly.

Our full-service approach eliminates all the stress and hassle

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We’ve taken the time to design a detail-oriented approach to bathroom remodels we perform near your location in Wellington and in nearby areas. We’ve created a streamlined method that includes all the essential steps to ensure a seamless experience and fast turnaround. Our methods includes the following essential stages:

  • Detailed consultations at your home to determine your exact wishes
  • In-depth inspection of your bathroom to detect potentially existing issues
  • Proposal of several design options you can choose from
  • Creating an in-depth action plan to maximize efficiency and minimize your stress
  • Preparing the entire work area for greater operational effectiveness
  • Implementing only the most advanced tools and materials for enhanced durability
  • Performing a comprehensive post-renovation inspection to ensure your satisfaction

We’re here to give you a modern and functional bathroom

Why hire our handymen to renovate your bathroom in Wellington

Your choice of company is what makes or breaks your bathroom renovation, which is why it’s essential to choose the most reputable professionals in your area. Our company has the skill and the capacity to rise to any challenge and to grant you the bathroom makeover you’ve been looking for by implementing all your requirements. We do this through a combination of:

Ample experience: Every single one of your handymen has many years of experience performing modern bathroom remodeling projects across the area.

Complete dedication: We’re constantly improving our craft by researching the modern advancements in our field and implementing them during our projects.

Undisputed skill: Our handymen have the necessary skills to perform all the steps in the process of comprehensively remodeling your bathroom.

Maximum dependability: We take the time and put in the effort to vet, interview, and background check all prospective employees before hiring them.

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Your utmost satisfaction is why we’re in this business

All the handymen who work for our company are dedicated to one thing, and that’s maximizing your satisfaction with your bathroom remodeling service in Wellington or other nearby areas. We’ll consult with you concerning every single detail of the renovation to make sure you receive the solutions you require. We use only the best fixtures, appliances, and materials to make sure we construct a bathroom that will serve you well for many years to come. Plus, we’re adept at adapting your bathroom for aging in place with curbless or walk-in showers and other features.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in a full bathroom remodel?

The stages of your bathroom remodeling service in Wellington depend on whether you’re looking for a partial or a complete remodel:

  • Partial bathroom renovation: Otherwise known as a small remodel it can include almost anything. For example, you might only want to replace your flooring, tiling, or install a new curbless or walk-in shower. You could just be looking to upgrade your fixtures and lighting, or simply install new energy efficient appliances and new cabinets. All partial renovations only refer to redesigning a portion of your bathroom, not its entirety.
  • Complete bathroom renovation: On the other hand there’s a full bathroom remodel that includes sprucing up all the aspects that comprise your bathroom. This typically involves replacing your flooring and tiling, updating your fixtures, appliances, sinks, and faucets, installing contemporary lighting, and even replacing the doors and windows in your bathroom.

How can I make my bathroom more senior-friendly?

If you’re looking to hire professional bathroom remodelers and handymen from Wellington to make your area more senior-friendly, you need to consider the following aging in place features: 

  • Lever faucets
  • Installing a sprayer attachment for the shower head
  • Grab rails and bars
  • Going for a curbless shower or walk-in tub
  • Raising toilet height
  • Using thick rugs as cushioning
  • Implementing non-slip rugs and mats
  • Enhancing your lighting

Is a shower or bath better for the elderly?

Generally, both options work well with elderly people. A shower is generally the better option, especially if it’s a specialized aging in place solution, while a bath only works if it’s a walk-in variant to allow for easier access.

Is a curbless shower worth it?

Yes, installing a curbless shower might be the best aging in place solution you could implement when performing a comprehensive bathroom renovation in Wellington. Make sure to go for a modern solution that enhances ease of use and provides easy access for your elderly.

Who performs comprehensive bathroom remodeling services near me in Wellington & the surrounding area?

Handyman Connections of Fort Collins is your go-to company that offers a varied portfolio of professional handyman services in Wellington and all other nearby areas. We specialize in bathroom renovations and adapting your space to accommodate the needs of your elderly. However, we can also do a lot more than that and you can count on us if you require: 

It doesn’t matter if your home is near Fort Collins Museum of Discovery or closer to Horsetooth Mountain Open Space, our handymen will come to your house to perform an in-depth inspection and formulate a plan of the renovation. From there, they’ll propose several design options and only break ground once you’ve made your choice for your new bathroom.