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Our competent team performs top-to-bottom bathroom remodel services across Loveland and the region. Our seasoned pros are focused on performing a detail-oriented service to make sure your expectations are met. We have extensive experience in improving the look and quality of residential properties and will make sure your bathroom renovation is done in a responsible and professional way.

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Our handymen excel at bathroom remodels

We take pride in every detailed and carefully done bathroom renovation in Loveland and the area. Whether you need a complete overhaul, just a few simple updates, or a bath remodeling for curbless or walk-in showers, rely on us to ensure your peace of mind. Our client-oriented approach means our team will handle any additional repairs or aging in place requirements.

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Our trained bathroom remodelers provide a fast & tailored service

We’ve created a streamlined process for a stress-free bathroom remodel in Loveland that ensures everything goes as smoothly as possible. This ensures not only a reliable service but leaves no space for later micromanagement on clients’ part. Our meticulous procedure includes:

  • A consultation to meet and fulfill your expectations
  • Existing bathroom assessment and possible problem identification
  • Creation of several design proposals you can choose from
  • Creation of a comprehensive and personalized plan of action
  • Work area preparation to minimize any derangements
  • Start of the prearranged work using reliable tools and materials
  • Work finalization and a walk-through inspection of your new and  improved bathroom

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Why hire our handyman for your bathroom remodel

Shower or bathtub replacement can be a lengthy and demanding process which is why it’s important to hire a trustworthy and experienced handyman for your bathroom remodel. We strive to provide you the excellence you deserve, leaving your space improved while respecting your wants and needs.

We’re well-versed in our trade: We have considerable experience in this type of job. We passionately accept and deal with every bathroom challenge.

We are committed to our craft: We strive to excel in whatever we do. We constantly improve our existing skills and knowledge.

We’re skilled at our work: Our staff has in-depth knowledge to perform installations, repairs, and replacements in your bathroom.

We’re reliable: We are very picky when choosing a member of our team. We make sure to opt for the experienced, skillful and trustworthy ones.

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Customer satisfaction is our highest priority

Our major focus is to make sure you are satisfied with our job. We listen to your needs and suggestions through detailed consultations. Our materials are high-quality and reliable while our solutions are safe and advanced. We stick to your plan, making sure you get what you envisioned. We know how important it is to keep your elderly safe and sound which is why we offer curbless shower conversion and walk in bathtubs as a part of aging in place bathroom remodels.

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Our customized bathroom renovation will suit your needs.

Our handymen will provide you with a whole new bathroom that is new, improved and tailored to you and your loved ones.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What adds the most value to a bathroom?

Increasing the size of your bathroom or at least making it look more spacious is one of the ways to add value. You can do this by installing glass showers or brighter light fixtures. You can also improve it by making it more comfortable, luxurious, and usable. Update appliances, include heated floors, add a double sink, a shower seat, or a steam shower.

For this bathroom renovation, find a trustworthy handyman in Loveland.

How can I make my bathroom more accessible for the elderly?

If you are thinking of aging in place bathroom remodel in Loveland that will suit the elderly members of your family, beside adding grab bars and placing rubber mats, you should also consider implementing other senior-friendly features:

  • Tension pole
  • Stronger and motion-activated lighting
  • Raised toilet seats
  • Additional room
  • Shower seat or a bathing chair
  • Curbless shower
  • Walk in bathtubs

Is curbless shower conversion a good idea?

These showers are a good way of improving accessibility for both young and old ones. It offers great advantages to a home with the elderly or disabled persons. This aging in place shower will ensure your older members’ safety and hassle-free shower entrance, making it a cost-effective improvement for your bathroom.

Are walk-in tubs any good?

They can be a great way to ensure an easier and safer bathing experience. It is especially good for the elderly because it can prevent falls while entering or exiting the bathtubs. A tub like this is much safer than the regular bathtub, making it a great option for aging in place bathroom remodel.

Where can I find a reliable handyman for bathroom remodel in Loveland & the area?

Handyman Connection of Fort Collins provides quality bathroom renovation and repairing services that are tailor-made for you. Whether it’s a complete and affordable bathroom remodeling or small updates, we will make sure to follow your requests and make you satisfied, safe and appreciated.

And if this is not the service you need, turn to us for other repair and maintenance tasks. We offer comprehensive and quality tile flooring, while also being able to provide you with professional shelving services or do the painting job in a skillful and detail oriented way.

We are dedicated members of a very reliable and customer-oriented team, focusing on finding effective solutions and using safe and quality methods. Whether your home is near the Rialto Theater or closer to the Chilson Recreation Center give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to help you.