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Handyman Connection of Fort Collins knows that many elderly homeowners would rather age in place than relocate to one of the senior housing centers. That is why we have designed a wide range of specific home maintenance, repair, and modification services for seniors in Loveland. We want to help our older citizens remain in their own household even in their golden years, and allow them to age comfortably, independently and, most importantly, safely. 

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All the handyman home maintenance services for the elderly we offer across the area are done by experienced and skilled craftsmen. They will first explain everything they’re going to do in great detail, so you know what to expect. They will combine modern methods, advanced tools, and durable materials to ensure maximum quality of work. You can rely on them to resolve any issues in your home and allow you to get back to your daily routine. 

These are the handyman home services we offer

Explore our maintenance and repair services for seniors

Handyman Connection of Fort Collins is a home repair and maintenance company that offers the following services to seniors across Loveland and the nearby neighborhoods: 

  • Caregiver and door camera installation
  • Installation of stairlifts
  • Installation of pocket doors
  • Installation of hinges for door widening
  • Installation of motion-activated lighting 
  • Flooring that prevents slipping
  • Installation of roll-out shelving
  • Modifying countertop height
  • Installation of faucets with motion-sensors
  • Installation of anti-scald devices
  • Installation of walk-in tubs
  • Installation of shower seats
  • Installation of portable and fixed accessibility ramps
  • Installation of grab bars

Expert repair and maintenance for a peaceful old age

Why go for our elderly home maintenance services

At Handyman Connection of Fort Collins, we are fully dedicated to bringing professional home maintenance and repair services to our elderly clients in Loveland. This allows them to experience the following benefits of our work: 

Quality: Our craftsmen take the time to perform all the handyman home services with great attention to detail and precision. 

Skill: Our team of professional handymen consists of experienced, skilled, and dedicated experts.

Peace of mind: Our handyman services provide a worry-free repair and maintenance experience to our senior customers in Loveland.

Satisfaction: We will not take a break until you are completely satisfied with our home maintenance and repair service

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Handyman Connection of Fort Collins places utmost importance on the satisfaction of our senior clients. We want to give you the peace of mind of knowing your home is completely safe and that you can feel comfortable in it. We are the #1 company on Quality Remodeler’s Top 500 list, and we have also been approved by Home Advisor. This illustrates just how dedicated we are to providing consistent quality of service to all our customers across Loveland and the area. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my home safer for an elderly person?

If you’re looking to make a home in Loveland safer for seniors, you should first contact Handyman Connection of Fort Collins. We offer a variety of modification services that will ensure a household is as safe for the elderly as possible. However, let’s first take a look at what you can should pay attention to when looking to make a home safer for older people:

  • Keep all emergency phone numbers handy for them. These include 911, poison control, the number of the healthcare provider, as well as phone numbers from family and friends.
  • Remove fire hazard from their home. This includes removing candles, discouraging use of space heaters, checking all electrical outlets and cords, and changing the batteries in carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. 
  • Ensure the bathroom is as safe as possible. You can do this by installing grab bars, placing rubber mats, a bathing chair in the tub, or replacing the original toilet seat with a raised one. 
  • Inspect the bedroom for safety. The bedroom in a home that a senior is going to be living in should also be inspected for safety. This means you should see if the mattress needs to be replaced, and replace the doorknob with a lever. 
  • Assess all the lighting in the home. Proper lighting is essential for a home, and you should ensure it’s adequate. Replace burnt-out bulbs, install new fixtures and motion-sensor lighting, and test all of it before finishing work. 
  • Take a look at the kitchen. See if there are any items stored at great heights, and place them lower. Replace the water faucet with a single-lever one. Ensure the most-used items and appliances are within reach. 

How do I make my house fall proof for seniors?

If you’re looking for the best way to make your home fall-proof for seniors, you should contact Handyman Connection of Fort Collins. We offer an array of home modification, repair, and maintenance services for the elderly across Loveland and the area. Here’s how we advise you approach fall-proofing a home:

  • Removing fall hazards: First, you should do you best to eliminate all or most fall hazards around the home:
    • Get rid of throw rugs
    • Clean up all piled-up clutter
    • Create a more open space in the home
    • Don’t stretch any extension cords and other cables across the floor
    • Advise seniors to wear non-slip footwear
  • Fall proof the home: Now, it’s time to make your entire home fall proof:
    • Pathways, stairways, hallways:
      • Install handrails on both sides
      • Ensure the lighting is good
      • Keep the walking areas tidy and clutter-free
      • Ensure carpets are well-fixed
    • Powder room and bathroom:
      • Install mount grabs near the tub, shower, and toilet
      • Place non-skid carpets, mats, or strips
      • Turn on night lights
    • Bedroom:
      • Have night lights ready
      • Place a flashlight by the bed
      • Keep the telephone near the bed

How do you adapt a home for the elderly?

Handyman Connection of Fort Collins is here to help you adapt your home in Loveland for the elderly members of your family. We offer expert handyman home services that will ensure your home is as safe for seniors as possible. Here’s what we can do: 

  • Widen all doorways
  • Install lever-style doorknobs
  • Place grab bars in different locations
  • Replace existing flooring with slip-resistant materials
  • Install a wheelchair ramp
  • Adjust all countertops
  • Install a chairlift
  • Perform other necessary adjustments

Who offers comprehensive home maintenance and repair services near me in Loveland?

Handyman Connection of Fort Collins is your dependable provider of a range of home maintenance and repair services across Loveland and the surrounding areas. You can rely on our professional handymen to provide expert home repair and maintenance services for the eldery. It makes little difference if you are situated near Boyd Lake State Park or Loveland Museum. Our handymen will be at your address to do what they do best. 

But, that’s not all. We also offer high-quality flooring services in Loveland, custom shelving design and installation in Loveland, as well as comprehensive plumbing services across Loveland and the nearby areas. Whatever kind of home repair and maintenance services you need, you Handyman Connection of Fort Collins is here to help you out. Reach out to us today and tell us where you need us to be.