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Handyman Connection of Fort Collins is one of the leading home improvement and maintenance companies providing a wide array of plumbing services in Timnath and other communities across the state of Colorado. Whether it’s faucet installation and sink repair or an entire shower head replacement, our specialists will deal with any issue you may have and deliver top quality results.

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Our team of plumbers possess the necessary knowledge and to ensure you get the best service possible. We are dedicated to delivering you a seamless and stress-free experience. Our professionals are always punctual and straight to the point, always prepared to lend a helping hand with all your issues with plumbing. In addition, we offer an on-site free cost estimate which guarantees a cost-effective and time-efficient experience.

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Broad range of plumbing services

Here at Handyman Connection of Fort Collins, we render a broad range of related issues. Our plumbers can take care of all the usual problems that may occur, but can also identify underlying defects that can cause serious damage to your home in Timnath. The services we provide include:

  • Shower head repair, replacement, and installation
  • Vent pipe and drain system repair
  • Supply line repair, replacement, and installation
  • Fixing dripping faucets
  • Washing machine hookup installation
  • Moving supply lines and drains
  • Toilet, flanges and wax ring installation
  • Faucet repair, replacement, and installation
  • Shower and bathtub repair, replacement, and installation
  • Vanity replacement and installation
  • Shower mixer valve additions

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No matter if you need a quick shower head replacement or a more sophisticated and thorough repair of your system, you can always count on our pros at Handyman Connection of Fort Collins to deliver. Reap the benefits of the workmanship we provide in Timnath:

Superior service: We bring quality to everything we do, from the service we render to the materials and supplies we use.

Trained and vetted professionals: Every member of our staff has been meticulously selected to guarantee your peace of mind.

Highly efficient workmanship: Our specialists are renowned for their dedication to the craft, ensuring our service results in a long-lasting and trouble-free system.

Satisfaction guarantee: Our pros go above and beyond to meet all your expectations and will not rest until the job is complete.

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Our plumbing service in Timnath will exceed your expectations

At Handyman Connection of Fort Collins, we don’t rest until our clients are fully satisfied. Our focus is always on providing local residents with swift, cost-effective, and long-lasting plumbing services. If you’re not happy with any aspect of our work, don’t hesitate to let us know, and we’ll address the issue promptly.

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From faucet replacement to shower head installation, you can lean on our trusted pros.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know if you have plumbing problems?

Issues with your plumbing are one of the most challenging and dicey repairs you may face at home. If you don’t have enough experience and training, you will most likely be guessing what is wrong. In the process, you run the risk of making a mistake and creating serious problems, such as flooding your home.

Therefore, the best solution is to call a seasoned professional plumber in Timnath immediately. As with any other problem, some signs clearly indicate that you have to call a professional to undertake necessary repairs:

  • The sink does not drain properly: If the shower or kitchen sink takes a long time to drain, this usually means that something is clogging it.
  • Very low water pressure: This is usually caused by clogs in the faucet, which prevent water from flowing.
  • Backflow from the sink: Spilling of sewage water that flows back from the sink can cause severe damage to your floors and be very smelly and unhygienic.
  • Gurgling up of water and sounds in the toilet or shower: Clear signs that the draining system needs cleaning or repair.
  • No water is flowing from the faucets: Unless it’s due to unpaid bills and water getting cut off by the utility company, this is usually a sign of a serious problem.
  • No hot water is coming out: Typically, this means that the water heater is faulty and needs repair or replacement.
  • Burst pipes: This can happen during winter and the colder months when the water freezes in the pipes.
  • New appliances installed: Introduction of new appliances that use water when you are remodeling your home need to be handled by pros who know where the water and drain lines are and how to install the appliances.
  • Water is constantly running in the toilet: This problem can cause a significant increase in water bills.

Should you call a plumber for a leaky faucet?

Sooner or later, one of your sinks will have a leaky faucet. Many homeowners either allow it to drip because they don’t consider it a big issue, or they believe it’s easy to fix. However, no matter how small the leak is, it can amount to thousands of gallons of wasted water a year. So, despite what you may think, leaky faucets aren’t an easy thing to fix.

This is where our team comes in. Our experts will do an on-site assessment of the issue, and depending on its severity, render a faucet repair or replacement. Reach out to our plumbers in Timnath for any problems you might be experiencing with your faucet.

Do plumbers fix showers?

From clogged drains and leaky fixtures, to shower head repair and faucet replacement, most professionals are able to fix a wide array of problems that may occur in your bathroom. A shower that isn’t probably working can be a major inconvenience, so get in touch with our specialists at Handyman Connection of Fort Collins for all issues that may arise in your shower.

Who provides the top plumbing services in Timnath, CO & the surrounding area?

In addition to plumbing services, Handyman Connection of Fort Collins provides a broad range of home improvement services in Timnath and across the region. Reach out to our pros for first-class professional painting services, expert-based and convenient home maintenance, custom fence installation in Timnath, and more.

Give us a call to receive your free, no-obligation estimate today. You can find our specialists in all parts of Timnath, as well as in other surrounding neighborhoods. We’ll dispatch our team to your location, no matter if you live near Timnath Reservoir or closer to Harmony Park & Ride. Make your troubles go away by reaching out to the best!