Expertise-Based Kitchen Remodeling Services in Loveland, CO

Handyman Connections is your go-to provider of professional kitchen renovation services across Loveland and all other nearby communities. We’ll listen to your ideas and bring them into reality. We’ve assembled a team of skilled and experienced kitchen remodelers and handymen capable of rising to any challenge you have for them. We’ll bring your kitchen into the 21st century without compromising on any of the practicality and functionality you require. We’ll handle all the aspects of your remodel with maximum attention to detail and professionalism.

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We’re a company with over twenty-five years of industry experience and excellence and we offer a comprehensive range of services that cater to your specific needs. Our handymen will take care of every single aspect of your kitchen remodel in Loveland, including windows, doors, flooring, tiles, cabinet fronts and interiors, tabletops, lighting, fixtures, appliances, and anything else you need us to handle. Our full-service approach is what separates us from the competition and it’s what allows us to provide a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

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We’ve designed a full-service approach to all kitchen remodeling services in Loveland, CO and the nearby area. Our streamlined renovations ensure maximum efficiency of operation through a customized plan based on your specific needs and requirements. This is how we ensure your maximum satisfaction. Our tried-and-tested approach includes:

  • On-site consultations about your needs and wishes
  • Comprehensive kitchen inspection to determine potential issues
  • Designing several solutions you can choose from
  • Planning out our entire process to ensure efficient renovation
  • Preparing the site to facilitate a seamless beginning of the remodeling process
  • Use of advanced equipment and technology and high-quality materials
  • In-depth post-renovation inspection to make sure everything’s as you want it
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When planning out a top-to-bottom kitchen remodel, your choice of the company to handle your renovation is essential. This is the only way to make sure you’ll receive all the functionality you need without any compromise on your style of choice. We’re professionals who separate themselves from the competition by offering:

Reliability: All our technicians undergo a stringent screening and vetting process combined with background checks and in-depth interviews.

Quality: Our handymen operate by highest industry standards and always follow exact manufacturer’s specifications to ensure maximum quality of craftsmanship.

Experience: Our handymen have spent many years working in their respective fields and have garnered ample professional experience.

Skill: All our professionals have the required skills and knowledge to perform a wide range of professional renovation and remodeling projects.


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Our one and only goal as providers of kitchen remodeling services in Loveland and the area is to see you completely satisfied with the work our handymen have done. We pay attention to all your wishes and needs and implement them into our design to ensure you get the kitchen you’ve dreamed of. We also use only the highest quality materials and supplies coupled with cutting-edge tools and equipment to provide a higher level of workmanship which ensures lasting functionality and enhanced durability with unrelenting everyday use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start planning a kitchen remodel?

When you’re preparing to perform a kitchen remodel and hire the leading handymen in Loveland to handle the project for you, it’s essential to create a detailed plan and pay attention to all the important details. Here are several vital considerations to make when planning your renovation:

  • Gather as many ideas for your new kitchen as possible.
  • Create your ideal budget and a timeline of completion.
  • Search for reputable kitchen remodelers to handle your renovation.
  • Prepare your kitchen and your home for the start of the remodel by
    • Setting up your temporary kitchen
    • Ensuring you have a place for meal preparation
    • Using a mini-fridge for your perishables
    • Stocking your pantry with the silverware, cups, and plates you need.
  • Perform the final inspection and require any final touch-ups if necessary.

What is included in a kitchen remodel?

There are generally three categories of a kitchen remodel, depending on the work your handymen and remodelers of choice in Loveland, CO need to perform to bring it to your desired standard – minor renovation, major renovation, and upscale renovation. They include: 

  • Minor remodel: This type of project can include:
    • Wall painting
    • New flooring
    • New faucets, kitchen sinks, and countertops
    • New appliances
    • Refacing of cabinets
    • Addition of entry-level cabinets
  • Major remodel: If you go for a major remodel, it usually consists of most aspects of a minor remodel plus:
    • Custom lighting
    • New advanced appliances complete with a garbage disposal unit
    • More modern fixtures, sinks and faucets
    • Semi-custom cabinets alongside a kitchen island
  • Upscale remodel: Finally, the most luxurious type of kitchen remodel includes:
    • New task and general lighting, for example under cabinet lighting
    • Undermount sinks with designer faucets and an advanced system for water filtration
    • Stone or marble countertops with glass or ceramic tile backsplash
    • Cutting-edge faucets, appliances, and fixtures

What is the most popular color for a kitchen?

The color of your kitchen solely depends on the look you’re trying to achieve. However, some colors are more popular than others, and here are some of the most sought-after colors for kitchen renovations in Loveland and other nearby areas:

  • Black for its modern and classy look
  • Navy blue for a darker and mysterious tone
  • Green for a relaxing homey vibe
  • White for an always-in clean look
  • Gray for a sleek and contemporary design

How do you budget a kitchen remodel?

Some of the most important consideration you need to keep in mind when preparing to hire experienced handymen to perform a comprehensive kitchen renovation service in Loveland are:

  • The reasons for the remodel and implementation of appropriate solutions.
  • The main purpose of your kitchen and its remodel.
  • The layout of your kitchen.
  • The materials you wish to use.
  • The fixtures, appliances and faucets you’d like.
  • Other specific factors.

Who are the leading kitchen remodelers and handymen near me in Loveland, CO & the nearby area?

Handyman Connections of Fort Collins is your leading provider of a wide range of handyman services across Loveland, Fort Collins and all other nearby areas. We specialize in performing comprehensive kitchen remodels per your needs and requirements. Besides renovating your kitchen, you can also count on us for:

We’re here to renovate your entire home in a way you’ve always wanted. It makes no difference if your home is located near Loveland Museum or closer to Boyd Lake State Park. We’ll dispatch a team of trained and experienced professionals to inspect your home, propose the best plan of action, and start working as soon as possible.