What Is a Deck and Why You Should Build One at Your Property

What is considered a deck

To say that outdoor living is all the rage these days would be a huge understatement. Even before the pandemic, many Americans were choosing to spend their leisure time in their backyards and even plan entire “staycations” at their homes.

Nowadays, with COVID-19 still being a major safety concern for many of us, having a great backyard that lends itself well to both family gatherings and quiet relaxation time is absolutely crucial. And what better way to do this than by building a gorgeous deck at your property?

But what exactly constitutes a deck? What are the different ways a deck can be incorporated into a property? Can a new deck installation increase the value of your property in Fort Collins? Read on to find out.

What is considered a deck?

Decks are flat platforms that are attached to a house. They’re elevated from the ground and usually enclosed by a safety railing. Depending on the homeowners’ preferences, they may also be covered by a pergola or a canopy.

Decks come in different types, including:

Attached decks

As their name suggests, these decks are attached to a house, usually at the back. These decks work best with homes that are either U-shaped or L-shaped, as this enables the deck to fit naturally and perfectly at the intersection of the walls.

Rooftop decks

If your house or garage has a flat roof, you can use that space to build a rooftop deck that gives you a lovely view of the surrounding landscape. These decks are a common feature in urban areas and typically require safety rails.

Detached decks

These decks aren’t directly attached to a house, but can be positioned anywhere on the property. Depending on elevation, they may either be accessed via a pathway or a stairwell.

Poolside decks

A poolside deck is a great addition to any swimming pool or pond. Since the materials a deck is made of won’t get as hot as concrete does in the summer, it makes it more comfortable for swimmers to walk around barefoot as they enter and leave the pool. These decks are also frequently accessorized with umbrellas and lounge chairs.

Entryway decks

These decks often resemble porches, but they have a more open design and include accessories such as planters, benches, and other items. They may also be equipped with outdoor living features such as barbecues, tables, and the like.

Multi-level decks

These decks are actually multiple decks that are interconnected and spread on more than one level. This makes them the ideal option if your property has steep slopes, hills, rocky terrain, or otherwise varying elevations that would make it difficult to install a traditional deck.

Will adding a deck increase the value of my home?

Assuming that they were maintained properly, decks have a nearly dollar-for-dollar ROI (Return on Investment). This means you’ll easily come out even if you decide to install a quality deck at your property.

What’s more, the increased popularity of outdoor living features means that many property buyers are much more interested in homes that already have a deck. Therefore, a deck significantly adds to the appeal of your property and may make it easier to attract the right kind of buyer.

Where can I book a professional deck installation in Fort Collins?

Looking to make sure your new deck stays in good condition, looks its best, and is compliant with the local regulations? Or perhaps you need the help of an electrician, plumber, painter, or general maintenance technician? At Handyman Connection of Fort Collins, we can assist you with all that and more.As the leading home maintenance and improvement company in Fort Collins, we’re uniquely positioned to ensure the key systems in your home are working flawlessly at all times. Get in touch with us today.