Choosing the Perfect Colors for Your Kitchen

A kitchen is more than just a food preparation area. It is the place where family and friends come together, where bonds are made and strengthened. As such, its aesthetics should reflect its primary purpose.

One of the easiest, most reliable ways to achieve that is by refreshing the paint. However, it is also a task that shouldn’t be approached rashly. Color significantly impacts the overall look and feel of the space, and that’s a fact proven time and time again.

Therefore, before you go out searching for a reliable kitchen remodel handyman in Fort Collins to give your cooking area a thorough makeover, it pays to consider several factors so as to ensure that all the puzzle pieces fall into place.

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How do I pick the right color for my kitchen?

When it comes to choosing a color for your kitchen (or any other area of your home, for that matter), it is best to take an analytical approach, weighing in all the options and always thinking in the long term. Here’s how you can do that:

Your kitchen – your style

First and foremost, the overall design or “theme” of your kitchen should reflect your unique personality. Are you a fan of a traditional or rustic look, that never goes out of fashion? Perhaps you gravitate more toward a modern, streamlined aesthetic

Or, maybe, you want to go all-out on uniqueness, deriving inspiration and ideas from many different sources, in a sort of eclectic approach? That could definitely work! Regardless of the perspective you choose, be sure to go with colors that will make you feel comfortable.

Assess the natural light & size

The amount of natural light your kitchen receives will affect how colors appear:

  • A well-lit kitchen can handle darker or bolder colors, allowing for a more contemporary, streamlined look;
  • A darker kitchen would benefit more from lighter shades, as these will make it feel more open and inviting.

Similar reasoning can be employed when considering colors based on the size of the space. Smaller kitchens can appear more spacious with brighter tones, while larger ones can accommodate light and dark hues, based on your preference.

Stay in sync with the existing elements

Unless you’re intent on remodeling the entire kitchen, you should select a color that complements and enhances the features of other elements. Being considerate of the looks of flooring, cabinets, and countertops will ensure that you end up with a harmonious space, free of any eyesores.

Consider timelessness

Here’s where that long-term thinking comes into play. The kitchen is the space to which you should get used quickly and stay comfortable for a prolonged period. What this means is that you want to create a kitchen that won’t feel outdated after only a few short years.

Of course, you should be mindful of the current trends but, also, remain aware that trends come and go. As such, it pays more to choose a timeless color as a base and incorporate trendy features through easily interchangeable items (e.g. decor and accessories).

Decide on the color scheme

With all of the aforementioned factors taken into consideration, it is finally time to choose the color palette that fits into the overall appearance of your kitchen. The three most common schemes you should consider first due to their effectiveness are:

  • Monochromatic: Utilizing various shades of a single color creates a soothing effect while making the space feel elegant and cohesive;
  • Complementary: Pairing colors that are opposite on the color wheel (e.g. red & green, blue & orange, yellow & purple, etc.) creates a visually interesting contrast, making the kitchen feel lively and dynamic;
  • Analogous: Combining adjacent colors on the color wheel (e.g. red, yellow, green; yellow, green, blue; etc.) creates visual harmony, offering a sense of balance and tranquility.
How do I pick the right color for my kitchen

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