5 Latest Carpentry Trends

Woodworking has been around since the dawn of human civilization, enhancing virtually every sphere of our lives – then, as it does now. Like our civilization, this noble craft evolved through time and continues to do so, now more rapidly than ever.

Today, woodworking and carpentry develop new trends almost on a yearly basis, each more ingenious than the previous. That’s why, today, we’re bringing you a list of X amazing trends carpenter services in Fort Collins employ to improve the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your home but, also, ease a burden on your budget.

What is the latest trend in woodworking

What is the latest trend in woodworking? 

In recent years, we’ve seen dramatic shifts in styles, mainly as a reflection of no-less drastic shifts in the economy and our way of thinking. The current period is no different, with woodworking trends changing to accommodate our new needs.

Quality over quantity

Over the past couple of years, the demand for bespoke furniture has skyrocketed. Households throughout the US are shunning mass-produced, fast-fashion, copy-paste furnishings in droves, and turning their gaze toward custom-made pieces.

No wonder there, really. Tailored furniture, whether it be a single cabinet or a whole kitchen, is not only guaranteed to fit into your unique home aesthetics – it is also of much higher quality that is certain to last for the foreseeable future, maybe even a lifetime!

The rise of the machines

Tying into the previous point, one of the reasons why custom-made furniture is becoming more popular is due to it growing ever more affordable. For this, we can thank the rapid technological development, that made CNC machining and 3D Printing widely accessible to craftsmen.

These technologies drastically cut the time necessary to produce a piece of furniture and, simultaneously, unlocked the potential for customization that was unthinkable or impossible to achieve using traditional woodworking methods.

High-fiving Mother Nature

As people become more and more environmentally aware, they are starting to look for more sustainable, eco-friendly alternatives to conventional products. Needless to say, current woodworking trends are following suit.

Today, many businesses are, slowly but steadily, shifting their focus and methodologies toward greener solutions. Things like certified sustainable lumber and eco-friendly paints are already widely in use, with renewable and recyclable materials becoming ever more popular.

Embracing the warmth

A warm, natural look never went out of style. It was only pushed aside (for a good while) in favor of modern, streamlined furniture that featured a cooler color palette that complemented minimalistic home designs (which are trendy even now).

With our lives getting progressively faster, as well as working from home becoming more prevalent, the need for coziness and warmth in our households is turning into imperative. This is why warm woods and earthy tones are slowly, but surely, making a grand re-entrance. 

Edgy: out, curvy: in

Speaking of coziness, we cannot fail to mention another rising trend in household-focused woodworking: curvy furnishings. While sharp-edged modernistic designs definitely have their pros, they do little to make the space homey.

Enter curvy furniture. Not only does this style soften the space, but it can also complement angular designs if placed properly. This creates a contrast that breaks the monotony of sharp edges, creating visual interest and making the surroundings more aesthetically pleasing.

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