How To Find the Best Tile Installers

Getting the most luxurious tiles and planning out your home improvement project meticulously is all well and good. However, it won’t help you if the contractors you hire to actually do the job aren’t up to the task.

Finding skilled and reliable floor tile installers in Fort Collins can be difficult, especially if you don’t know what to look for. Read on to learn all about landing the best contractors so that you get the floor tiles of your dreams.

What should you consider before booking tile services?

What should you consider before booking tile services

If you’re not a floor tile expert or if it’s your first time hiring any type of remodeler, you probably need some guidance. You may not know which questions to ask and what information to look for before you decide which professionals to hire to handle your tile installation from start to finish.

Here are a few crucial questions to help you find the right expert that will install the best floor tiles for you:

How much experience does the company have?

If you want to have durable, functional, and quality tiles, look for a company with years of experience under its belt. The longer they’ve been in business, the more clients they’ve served and the more of their previous work and testimonials they can show off.

Also, the more experienced their employees are, the more they’ve perfected their craft as well as dealt with and solved different issues.

Are the technicians qualified and certified?

You can get in touch with the companies you’re considering and ask about their employees, their qualifications, certifications, recognitions, etc. You can also browse their respective websites for this information.

Are their employees background-checked?

As you wouldn’t let just anyone into your home, one of the important details to find out is whether the company in question background-checks its employees. You can also inquire about the screening process and learn as much as possible about your potential installers for your peace of mind.

Does the company have insurance?

To protect yourself as well as the technicians working on your flooring, there should be an insurance plan in place. Make sure to ask about it so that you feel safe if any issue should come up.

What services are offered?

Another crucial piece of information is how the company operates and what you can expect from the floor installation. You can ask the following questions and any other that come to mind:

  • Do you offer free estimates?
  • Is there a site inspection, and what does it entail?
  • Will you remove the old floor tiles or do I have to take care of it beforehand?
  • How long will the installation last?

Does the business have good reviews?

There’s nothing that tells you more about a company than its customer reviews. Check client stories, comments, pictures, ratings, etc. Whatever you can find will help give you a clearer picture of what kind of business you’re considering and whether the workers can provide you with what you need.

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