Deck-Building Timeline: What to Expect

So you’ve decided to reach out to experienced deck builders in Timnath, CO, to help you construct a beautiful deck. Decks are possibly the finest home improvement projects you can get at a reasonable price. They are practical yet nowhere near as demanding as actual room additions. With appropriate care and maintenance, a deck is a convenient and durable addition to your home.

But how long does it take to build a deck? Let’s say you have a major event coming up and you are determined to host it outdoors, on your brand new deck. What can you do to optimize the timeline and ensure your deck-building project has been executed efficiently and according to plan?

How long does a deck take to build

How long does a deck take to build?

Building a deck is rather straightforward, although a lot depends on the type of deck you’re looking to get. Larger decks are more intricate because they are structurally more demanding. As a result, they are more time-consuming and labor-intensive. 

Even with the right materials and tools, building a durable, high-quality deck is not a project for a deck-building rookie to undertake lightly and without extensive planning. It is also worth noting that there are safety concerns to consider. 

A professional or a team of professionals can build a deck efficiently because ultimately, it all boils down to skill and experience. A deck can also be customized, such as by adding a pergola. This makes your outdoor space instantly more inviting and it also makes your home go up in value. However, do bear in mind that there may be some weather-related delays that you cannot avoid.

How long does it take professionals to build a deck?

Depending on the complexity and size of a deck, it can be finished in as little as a single week, but it may take up to 3 or 4 weeks. Some decks are more challenging to build because of added structures such as pergolas or built-in seating. It all depends on what you plan to use your deck for and whether you have any specific requirements. 

In order to help the professionals you plan on hiring complete the project more efficiently, you can do your research beforehand so you’ll have a rough idea of what kind of a deck you’d like to have built. If you already have a clear vision in mind that is doable, a contractor can get to work sooner.

If not, no worries. Professional contractors can: 

  • advise you on the most suitable deck design for your home in terms of style
  • help you make informed decisions about a functional deck that is just the right fit for your outdoor area and your daily needs
  • present you with their own portfolio of previous desk projects: experienced contractors have rich and diverse experience with deck building, which will save you time and simplify your decision-making process

In either case, it is important that you maintain open and clear communication with your contractor throughout. If you have concerns or there are last-minute changes, address them in a timely manner. In addition to your safety, it is your long-term satisfaction that counts the most.

How long does it take professionals to build a deck

Who are the most sought-after deck builders in Timnath, CO?

One thing is certain: a deck is a wise long-term investment and there are so many reasons to add one to your property in Timnath or beyond. Not spending enough time outdoors? Trying to put your yard to better use? Struggling with enough indoor space when entertaining?

A deck is a clever and simple all-in-one solution and Handyman Connection of Fort Collins is just a call away. We’re available for consultation, but if you’ve already made up your mind and you’re feeling impatient, we’re ready to get to work. Get in touch with us today!