Dealing With Your Home Lighting Problems

Other than replacing a busted light bulb, your home’s light fixtures don’t require that much attention. There are, however, instances when problems occur and you’ll have to take a closer look at the other parts such as the socket, wall switch, or the entire fixture itself.

This article shares some troubleshooting tips on problems involving your light fixtures.

Dealing with Ceiling Light Problems

When a ceiling light does not light up or begins to flicker, the problem might be with the flow of the electricity from the wall switch to the fixture. The bulb must be replaced if it has burned out, although screwing it in tighter can sometimes fix the issue.

Otherwise, check the metal socket tab in the socket, as well as the connections at the switch. There could be loose parts that need to be tightened. Be sure to turn off power before doing any of these. Unless you are well-versed with electrical work, call in your trusted electrician to do the inspections.

Dealing with Recessed Light Problems

Troubleshooting problems for recessed light fixtures are the same as those for ceiling lights indicated above. However, it is worth noting that this type of lighting utilizes limit switches, which turns the fixtures off when they reach unsafe levels of heat.

When the bulb goes on and off by itself, you may have to check its wattage. The higher it is, the more likely the fixture will overheat. Replace it with a new one with low wattage. Also, check the insulation around the light fixture if it is too tight; it may be trapping heat that causes it to heat up and shut the light off. Otherwise, replacing the limit switch or the whole fixture might be necessary.

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