DIY Drywall Installation: Should You Do It?

Can you install drywall yourself

Today, drywalls are an integral part of virtually every home in the US. No wonder there, really, considering how this material is easy to mass-produce and is super cheap, making it a phenomenal budget-preserving option.

But, should that way of thinking be applied to everything drywall-related? Today, we’ll be exploring one facet of that question, namely, should you hire reputable experts for drywall installation in Timnath, CO, or is DIY-ing a feasible option?

Can you install drywall yourself?

There are about a million different guides online, explaining in-depth how to install drywall DIY-style. Many of those are (mostly) correct – from the technical perspective. But most of them are also misleading.

They throw around terms such as “only basic tools necessary”, “it’s quick and easy”, “it’s a one-person job”, and our absolute favorite “low skill ceiling”. The fact is that, if you want top-quality results and a stress-free experience, you should go for the pros, and here’s why:

“Low skill ceiling”

Drywall installation requires precision, especially when it comes to fitting the sheets around obstacles. The precision necessary to ensure a top-notch finish can only be achieved with years of training and practice, which is impossible for someone who does it once or twice in a decade (or less, which is more likely). Therefore, despite the best efforts, DYI-ing results in ruined materials, wasted money, wasted time, and a whole lot of stress in the vast majority of cases.

“Quick & Easy”

Yes, it is – for a team of trained professionals, emphasis on “team”. Drywall installers often come in pairs to facilitate the process. The reason for this type of organization is manifold but, at the core of it, is efficiency. Even a single specialist can do the job in a fraction of the time that would take an inexperienced individual to do it – and they’ll do it better.

“Only basic tools necessary”

You only need a basic car to get from point A to point B, but having the newest model definitely makes the experience more efficient, enjoyable, and faster. The same exact logic can be applied in drywall installation. 

Access to specialized, cutting-edge tools expedites the process by a significant margin and gives much better results. It also makes it much tidier, resulting in even less time necessary to do post-construction cleanup.

“One-person job”

Vertical installations (i.e. walls) can be. Horizontal ones (i.e. ceilings) most definitely are not. In either case, soloing drywall installation is ill-advised, for several reasons. First, sheets are large and heavy, making lifting and maneuvering incredibly taxing.

Second, sheetrocks are (typically) made of gypsum wrapped in paper. Gypsum is a porous material and paper is not the strongest wrapper in the world. This makes sheets easy to damage, especially corners and edges, or even break them completely if handled improperly.

Therefore, making installation a “one-person job” can only result in exertion, exhaustion, financial loss, and a whole lot of frustration.

Can one person hang drywall?

With everything mentioned above, we must strongly advise against it. Drywall sheets and other components tend to be bulky and cumbersome, making them difficult to move and install without at least two sets of hands.

What’s more, that little money you will save by not hiring pros will most certainly go toward buying additional materials. Therefore, if you want optimal results, it’s best to hire at least one experienced drywall installer to help you out.

Can one person hang drywall

Where can I find specialists for drywall installation near me in Timnath, CO?

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