Top 3 Home Maintenance Issues for Seniors & How to Deal With Them

What are the most common home maintenance issues for seniors

If you’re like most aging Americans, your home is likely your biggest investment and the place where you spend most of your time. Keeping it well-maintained is key to ensuring your comfort and wellbeing. However, doing this can become increasingly difficult as you get older.

While the easiest and most reliable way for elderly individuals to ensure their houses and apartments stay in good condition is to book professional home maintenance services in Fort Collins, CO, there are still quite a few things you can do to facilitate the maintenance process and prevent costly repairs down the road.

In previous articles, we explained why regular home maintenance is so essential and gave you some tips on how to properly budget for home repairs. Now we’ll list the 3 biggest maintenance challenges American seniors face and how to effectively approach them. Read on.

What are the most common home maintenance issues for seniors?

Roof leaks, faulty insulation, mold infestations, failing electrical or plumbing systems, and other household problems are a major concern for any homeowner, but they can be especially harmful to aging individuals. Luckily, regular inspections and preemptive maintenance can keep these issues in check and avoid expensive repairs in the future.

Here are the top 3 maintenance concerns elderly Americans face:

1. Make sure your electrical system works properly

Give your ground-fault circuit interrupter outlet switches an annual checkup by pressing the test button, and then the reset. Do not attempt to fix broken outlets yourself: always outsource this task to a trained electrician.

If some light bulbs in your home have burned out, refrain from climbing onto chairs or ladders to replace them yourself, as this can be dangerous. Call in a trained maintenance worker and have them replace your old bulbs with modern LEDs that will reduce your energy expenditure and last for many years.

Loose electrical cords and other cabling that crosses the floor are always a tripping hazard, but they can be especially dangerous to seniors. Make sure your cabling is properly routed, or at least hidden under carpeting to prevent tripping.

2. Keep an eye on your plumbing and sewer systems

  • Check the water heater and the pipes under sinks for leaks every couple of months, especially if they’re old.
  • If you have a newer washing machine, remember to change its filter every month.
  • Have your house’s septic system pumped regularly (at least once every 5 years or so).
  • Regularly replace water filters.

3. Check your roof for problems

Examine your roof for damaged vents and shingles once a year, or after major storms. This inspection should be done entirely from the comfort of your yard. If you’re unable to fully examine your roof in this way, call in the professionals to do it for you. Refrain from climbing onto a ladder or doing any rooftop work yourself to avoid a fall.

If the surrounding trees have grown to overhang the roof, hire a professional to trim the branches. Lastly, don’t forget to schedule a yearly gutter and downspout cleaning and repair service.

Where can elderly citizens book reliable home maintenance services in Fort Collins, CO & the area?

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