5 Ideas for Modern Shelves

The process of organizing your home can be quite enjoyable. Whether you’re looking for innovative storage ideas for practical reasons or decorative purposes, shelving can provide a wide assortment of possibilities. Whichever style you choose – be it a charming freestanding unit or sleek floating wall shelves – it’s a sophisticated and practical addition to any home. 

Keep on reading because the following article offers some tips on how to get the extra storage space you’ve always needed in your Loveland residence. However, if you want to be sure the shelves fit perfectly in any room, make sure you hire professional shelving installation services!

What are some contemporary shelving ideas to consider?

What are some contemporary shelving ideas to consider

There is a rapid change in interior décor trends every year. Whether you’re drawn to charming cottage-style wood shelving or minimalist pieces, today there are shelves for every room of your home – living room, kitchen space, home office, even for your playroom or media room. 

Open-wall shelves

An open shelving system is mostly used to add style and visual interest to a room. Apart from this, it often serves as a space-saving solution. In case you don’t mind regular maintenance, open shelving will be the perfect choice for you.

In 2023, open-wall storage units are expected to gain in popularity due to their ability to create a sense of spaciousness and their relatively low cost. You probably understand how important this is when you’re on a mission to bring order back to your home.

Invisible bookshelves

There’s no magic to it, but these shelves appear almost invisible from certain angles. However, they do require matching wall colors – and voila! The items on the shelves seem to float, adding a magical touch to the room.

Furthermore, they clear any room of clutter, giving it a more open feel. Keep in mind that books and small indoor plants work well on the invisible wall shelf. On the other hand, they’re not the best place to keep your delicate or bulky objects.

Fishbone shelves

The popularity of this elegant and trendy wall shelf will likely grow in 2023 due to several factors. The fishbone shelving system is ideal for storing books because of its simple yet attractive organization. Moreover, their appearance can be altered by rotating them at different angles.  

Please note that you can match the color of the shelves with the surrounding wall to create a floating effect. 

Floating shelves

Compared to traditional cabinets, these shelves offer just as much storage space, while remaining completely open and accessible. As a result, any room will appear larger since wall space will be occupied instead of counter, table, or nightstand space. Thanks to their versatility, they can add a touch of formality to your space as well as make it more casual.

Built-in bookshelves

In addition to providing practical storage space, built-in bookshelves also add a homey feel to any room. Depending on the design, they range from pantry shelves and office cabinets to reading benches with shelves surrounding them. Often, they help with space issues and give a home a more luxurious feel.

Where in Loveland can I book expert shelving installation services?

If you need a skilled and experienced team to install your shelving professionally and avoid some of the common shelving mistakes, Handyman Connection of Fort Collins has you covered. Whether you need expert advice on how to prepare your home for an installation or need help mounting your new shelf, you can count on our technicians for prompt and professional service.

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