3 Popular Fence Styles for Your Home

How many types of fencing are there

The variety of fence styles available today can make it difficult for homeowners to pick the one that feels right for their property and needs. Besides defining your property’s boundaries, protecting your pets and children, and keeping out unwanted visitors, fences can also add to the curb appeal of your home. So, how exactly do you know which type of fencing is right for you? 

Of course, you can always schedule an appointment with an expert who offers fence repair services across the Fort Collins area if your current fence needs some upgrades. However, if your old fence is already worn-our, you may need to consider going with a replacement. And there’s no better way to start than by learning more about the most common types of fences and styles that will work for you.

How many types of fencing are there? 

Although fences come in many different shapes and types, we can generally classify them into three categories:

  1. Privacy fences

Privacy fences are designed with a single purpose: to provide a visually attractive barrier between the outside world and your private space. As a result, you can freely enjoy time with your friends and family no matter who is standing on the other side. In addition to enhancing your home lifestyle, a nicely designed and well-positioned fence will boost your property’s appeal and increase its value.

  1. Functional fences

Functional fences serve a practical purpose, for example, enclosing space to keep animals out, separating dangerous areas, preventing trespassing, etc. Standard wooden or chain link fences are the cheapest and most widely used functional fences. While diamond-shaped wires provide a simple but elegant pattern, there are also chain-link fences with a vinyl coating that offer greater durability.

  1. Decorative fences 

Ornamental fences are often associated with their beauty rather than their function. They can make an impressive visual statement and be a valuable focal point for a residential or business outdoor space. As with other types, they serve to define a certain area. However, their main function is to give an air of elegance and sophistication to their surroundings. Keep in mind that pickets can be custom-finished and designed by adding rails, rings, finials, or scrolls.

Which material is best for fencing?

There are a few steps to prepare for fence installation before the construction starts. Whether you’re thinking about replacing the existing fence or installing a new one, you should keep the following  in mind: 

  • If you are primarily concerned about privacy, wood and vinyl/PVC are your best options.
  • Choosing a wood fence offers a great deal of flexibility for color and design. If properly maintained, it can last a long time.
  • Vinyl with a higher gauge will cost more but will offer the best durability. These types of fences are durable, strong, and easy to maintain.
  • Any kind of metal yard fencing made from steel fencing panels offers strength, durability and a lifetime of use with very little maintenance
  • Opt for wrought iron or aluminum if you’d like an increased sense of security.
  • If you desire both a visual and physical barrier, steel and iron can provide you with both without sacrificing beauty. 
  • Chain links are an excellent tool for pet owners who want to keep their pets from wandering away.

Who offers reliable fence repair services across the Fort Collins region?

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