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Handyman Connection of Fort Collins is an established tile repair contractor and flooring installer that caters to clients in Windsor, Fort Collins, Timnath, Loveland, and Wellington. With the help of our specialists, you can make the most of your tiled surfaces, helping them last longer and remain appealing. By combining best industry practices, proven methods and advanced equipment, we can upgrade any part of your home.

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Our employees undergo a thorough vetting process to provide you with quality service. Each flooring installer is a hand-picked individual with years of experience and strong work ethics. They’ll give you the most accurate advice when it comes to choosing durable materials and modern designs. As leading experts in the field, they know every trick in the book to make sure your flooring projects meet the highest standards.

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Contact our professional installers for an on-site appointment to fix cracked expansion joints or replace broken tiles on your flooring. During this process, we’ll determine the scope of the project, discuss design and materials, and figure out what will work best for you.

We offer a variety of services, including:

  • Tile repair and installation
  • Tile removal 
  • Replacement of damaged tiles
  • An in-depth design and planning process
  • Installing base tile trim
  • Shower tile installations tailored to your needs
  • Tiling a fireplace

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When hiring a tile installation and repair contractor in Windsor, look for technicians who are skilled, precise, and hard working. At our company, we offer several advantages that have earned us a solid reputation:

A written guarantee that ensures quality consistency

Prompt, dedicated, and precise technicians

The convenience of necessary insurance coverage

Following best practices and using cutting-edge equipment

Customer service that is second to none

Our tile repair contractors place a high value on your happiness

Here at Handyman Connection of Fort Collins, we are committed to providing a service that you’ll love for many years down the road. Whether you need quick assistance with a cracked tile or an extensive floor installation in Windsor and the region, our team is ready to get going. We possess the know-how and commitment to create top-grade solutions that bring convenience and value to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know when to replace flooring?

Over time, flooring will unavoidably deteriorate. In high-traffic areas and on some more delicate types of flooring, wear and tear will be more noticeable. Carpets, for example, can endure for a decade, whereas wood, tile, and laminate flooring can sometimes last even for 25 to 30 years. Here are a few indicators that your flooring will need a replacement soon:

  • Carpet: If cleaning isn’t enough to restore your carpet to its former glory, it may be time to replace it.
  • Wood: Hardwood floors may not still require replacement if they have lost their shine or have scratches. Sand and refinish them instead.
  • Laminate: Peeling and chipping is the most obvious sign that the adhesive has loosened and you need a flooring installer.
  • Tile: The most typical cause for tile replacement is its dated look. Homeowners generally decide to replace their tile flooring before it exhibits any signs of wear since trends change so frequently.

No matter what kind of flooring you have at your Windsor residence, our seasoned team at Handyman Connection will go all out to either restore it or replace it with something more trendy and durable.

Is it hard to tile yourself?

Although installing tiles may appear simple, it’s far more difficult than how many home improvement shows portray it. It’s hard to place tiles precisely and satisfactorily because once you make a mistake, it’s incredibly difficult to undo what you’ve already done.

Outsource the task to reliable tile installers to avoid the mistakes, additional expenditures, and challenges that come with such a hurdle. Handyman Connection of Fort Collins has the expertise and equipment needed to solve any issue you may be experiencing.

How many types of tiles are there?

The endless variety of materials, shapes, colors, and sizes of tiles is one of the features that make them so popular. Some common choices include:

  • Porcelain: It has the appearance of stone or wood, but it is less difficult to maintain.
  • Ceramic: Popular, long-lasting, adaptable, and cost-effective.
  • Marble: Sleek and luxurious, but more pricey than other solutions.
  • Glass: Stain-resistant, yet prone to chipping and breaking.
  • Mosaic: Turn any room into a stylish space.

Feel free to contact our tile installation and repair experts at Handyman Connection to improve the practicality and aesthetic of your home in Windsor with our expertise-based tile services.

How much does a tile installation cost?

The price of your floor installation is usually determined by the square footage of your room. Prices, however, will differ significantly depending on the material you choose. Simple materials, such as carpet and ceramic tile, are often the least expensive, while more opulent materials like hardwood are likely to be pricey.

Handyman Connection of Fort Collins has trained flooring installers who have worked with all types of flooring in Windsor, Wellington, Timnath, and the surrounding areas and can assist you with your flooring material choices. Discuss your needs and preferences with us, and we will find the solution that’s right for you.

Where can I hire dependable floor tile installers in Windsor & the vicinity?

The Fort Collins Handyman Connection has what it takes to maximize the value, aesthetics, and comfort of your home. Aside from flooring options, we also offer a variety of efficient home upgrades in Windsor that are both practical and stylish. Furthermore, we can install custom shelves in any part of your house, repair your home’s plumbing, and freshen up your Windsor space with a new coat of paint, and offer full-service assistance cross the region.

No matter if you live nearby Covenant Park or Windsor History Museum, you’re in good hands with our team of trusted experts. Contact us today!