The Truth Behind 4 of the Most Common Landscaping Myths

The many myths and misconceptions surrounding landscaping are far from harmless. They have consistently confused homeowners and, more often than not, caused them to make easy-to-avoid mistakes.

Handyman Connection® of Fort Collins debunks four of the most common landscaping myths and reveals the truth behind the misconceptions.

1.    You Can “Fix” a Sickly Looking Tree With Fertilizer

This is a common myth about landscaping and is actually a lazy solution to a more complex problem. When the tree suddenly looks like it is in poor health, it can be due to improper irrigation, mechanical damage, pest infestation, or disease.

These three problems can’t be fixed by adding fertilizer to the tree in question. It’s important to have the tree looked at so you can determine what exactly is going on.

2.    Mowing the Grass Short Means Mowing the Grass Less

This is another common landscaping mistake that’s a product of laziness. While it’s true that cutting the grass very short reduces the need to mow it at a later date, you’re also depriving the grass of the ability to produce the necessary sugars for photosynthesis.

Letting the grass grow out and cutting them short in one day can actually shock the lawn system and cause them not to grow at all. That’s why you should cut it at a medium length so that the grass stays healthy.

3.    Watering the Lawn in the Evening Conserves Water

This is one of the biggest landscaping mistakes you’ll ever commit. When you water the lawn after the sun goes down, the moisture sits on top of the lawn instead of “seeping further” as this myth describes. When water sits still on top of the lawn, it will cause the development and germination of fungus and disease that can ravage the grass and other plants.

4.    Spring Is the Only Time to Plant

Many homeowners wait the entire year for spring because of this pervading myth. The truth is, spring and summer aren’t the only “best” times to plant your greenery and flowers. Fall is actually one of the best seasons to plant anything as the leaf litter creates natural mulch and fertilizer that helps foster growth.

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