The Proper Way to Align a Closet Door

The quintessential bifold and sliding closet doors are practical as they are space-saving, but that doesn’t mean they can’t occasionally get misaligned from the door frame. Thankfully, these doors are easy to realign, as long as you know how to.

Handyman Connection® of Fort Collins shares the proper way to realign a closet door.

Realigning a Bifold Door

First, close the door and measure the gap between the edge of the door and the jamb at the top and bottom. This gap should be even if the door is aligned; any unevenness, even just slightly, is a sign it needs realigning.

For this kind of door, you’ll want to loosen the set screw of the top pivot bracket. Then, you’ll have to move the top of the door away from the jamb to even out the gap. Once you’re content with the evenness, you just need to tighten the set screw.

For gaps larger on one side, you’ll have to lift up and move the bottom pivot outward toward the jamb and set it into the next adjacent “toothed” position. You’ll then want to loosen the top-track set screw and push the top of the door toward the jamb up until it’s right at the plumb. Once done, all you need to do is tighten the screw and check the gap by closing the door.

Sliding Closet Doors

Slide each door panel to each side to determine if the top rollers are properly riding their respective tracks. The ideal movement should be smooth with little to no drag. If there’s a noticeable drag or if the door is sagging, then one of the top rollers may have come out of the track.

If this is the case, unscrew and remove the door guide from the bottom track. You do this by lifting the door at an angle to fully seat the top rollers into the top track.

Next, loosen the alignment screws on the roller brackets of the door using your screwdriver. This will allow you to tweak and adjust the alignment according to your fit. Tighten the screws appropriately and slide the doors to check for drag or interruptions.

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