How To Paint Like a Pro: 5 Techniques Expert Painters Use

How do professionals paint walls

Even the most prolific DIY-er can’t hold a candle to professional residential painters when it comes to the sheer number of homes in Fort Collins, CO, they’ve painted over the years. This extensive experience has not only enabled them to perfect their approach, but also to practice highly advanced techniques that not many people know about.

In this article, we’ll take a look at 5 handy techniques expert painting contractors use on a regular basis to simplify the painting process and achieve excellent results every time. Read on to learn more.

How do professionals paint walls?

Failing to take the necessary safety precautions is one of the biggest mistakes you can make while painting. That’s why the first and most important thing the professionals do is keep themselves safe while painting. This includes making sure the space is properly ventilated at all times and taking frequent breaks to reduce exposure to dust and hazardous fumes.

Here are 5 times-tested painting techniques many pros use:

1. Extensively prep the space beforehand

The experts know that, in order to achieve a perfect finish, they have to begin with a perfectly smooth surface. The best way to do this is by sanding the surface before applying the paint. This process flattens crevices around nail holes, removes rough spots and burrs, and grinds up gloss and varnish to make it easier for paint to stick.

2. Holding the brush correctly

The correct way to hold a paint brush is to lay the handle flat over the back of your thumb and keep the metal component that holds the bristles together between middle and index fingers. The point should be on the finger side rather than on the thumb side.

3. Bring furniture coverings

It’s best to completely empty out a room of all furniture before you paint it. However, if this isn’t an option, the pros recommend moving all furniture pieces to the middle of the room and covering them with special plastic sheets that are tapped to the floor. This protects the items from paint splatters and sanding dust.

4. Tinting the primer

Rather than use the primer as it is, the experts tint it with a little gray paint or a color that’s the same as the finish paint. This tinted primer not only conceals old paint and patched areas, but also makes the finish paint look significantly better and more lively.

5. High-quality supplies

There’s a reason why hobbyist brushes and paints are noticeably less expensive than the professional-grade stuff. In addition to yielding better results, these expert-level tools and supplies also make the painting process take less time and effort. Reputable contractors understand this very well, which is why they use state-of-the-art products.

Where can I hire reliable residential painters in Fort Collins, CO & the vicinity?

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