4 Ways to Prepare Your Home for New Shelving

Those awesome new shelves have finally arrived. At long last, you can sort that clutter that you’ve been tripping over for the past few months and make your home cozier and more functional. Now, all you have to do is find professional shelving installers and give them a call.

But wait! Before you jump and google “shelving installation near me”, there are a few things you can do to make the work much smoother for both you and them. Let’s see what those are.

How do I prepare to install new shelves?

When installing new shelving, the name of the game is “efficiency and safety”. You want the work to be as risk-free and swift as possible, without sacrificing the quality in the process. Fortunately, that can be easily accomplished with only a few steps.

Plan ahead

Shelving is more than just extra storage. Granted, this is its primary purpose, but you can make it more. Those shelves are something you’ll see every day. As such, they should enhance the space both functionally and aesthetically. Therefore, rushing the decision of which one to get or where to put it is one of the greatest mistakes you can make with new shelves

Instead, consider how it will fit in your general environment. Will the aesthetic fit? Will you be able to put your entire book collection there, without it breaking apart? If there was a shelf there already, can you reuse the existing holes, or will you need to drill new ones? If so, can your drywall handle it or will you have to monkey around to find a different solution?

These are all valid questions, and it will do you good to ask yourself them. It will save you a lot of time, energy, money, and nerves, especially in the long run.

Consider contemporary shelving solutions

In recent years, minimalistic designs are all the rage. No surprise there, really. They’re functional, open up the space, look awesome, and can fit well with virtually any decor. Of course, shelving is no exception. And, to make the deal sweeter, they are quite affordable.

Therefore, if you’re still searching for that perfect piece to go with the rest of your furniture, consider the latest shelving solutions. You may be surprised at how good a value you can get without compromising the overall looks of the room.

Clear the area 

Now we arrive at the biggest concern: safety. Whether you’re hiring someone to do the job or you’re preparing to DIY install the shelf like a pro, you’ll need a lot of space. The last thing you want is to trip over stuff while holding a drill, screwdriver, or shelf itself. Or to trip over stuff in general.

To boost safety (yours or workers’), be sure to clear the area where the new shelving job will take place. You don’t have to clear the entire room. Just make sure there’s enough space to maneuver and to put tools and materials so they are within reach, but not in the way.

Is there a reliable company for shelving installation near me?

You’ll find Handyman Connection, Fort Collins’s’ #1 home maintenance service provider, whether you live near Carter Lake or elsewhere in the area. Whether you need to mount shelves or that heavy painting on your wall, a new fire detector, or a lustrous new chandelier on the ceiling, we have the tools, expertise, and dedication to make it happen swiftly and safely. Reach out to us today and we’ll make your home improvement project effortless.