11 Signs It’s Time to Give Your Electrical System an Overhaul

How do I know if my house needs rewiring

According to the US Fire Administration, an estimated 24,200 electrical fires occur each year. A huge chunk of these fires are caused by old or faulty electrical wiring. Luckily, this problem can be prevented by regularly testing your home’s wiring and replacing it as needed.

So how often should you have your home’s wiring tested? How can you tell when it’s time to call in electrical contractors to rewire your property in Fort Collins, CO? How much does this task typically cost, and can you take care of it on your own?

We’ve previously listed the crucial signs of electrical problems to keep an eye out for, discussed the dangers posed by electrical fires, and dived into the essential history of electrical energy. Now we’ll answer some frequently asked questions about electrical system repair and take a look at 11 common signs of damaged or aging wiring. Read on to learn more.

How do I know if my house needs rewiring?

As a general rule, you should have the electrical installation at your home tested once every 10 years if you own the place, and once every 5 years if you’re a tenant. Furthermore, always be on the lookout for the common signs of faulty wiring.

Here are 11 signs it’s time to overhaul your electrical system:

  • The electrical panel is over-fused or over-amped
  • Insulation is broken, cut, or cracked
  • Hot or discolored plugs, cords, or switch plates
  • You get an electrical shock when touching or plugging in a cord
  • Frequent light bulb burnouts
  • Burning smells
  • Outlets are sparking or arcing when you plug or unplug a cord
  • Breakers that frequently trip or fuses that frequently blow
  • Lights are flickering or dimming
  • Sizzling or buzzing sounds
  • The outlets are loose

Can you do DIY electrical work in your own home?

Although there’s nothing stopping you from attempting to adjust, repair, or install major electrical systems at your property, it’s still strongly advised that you leave this task to the pros. As a rule of thumb, electrical work should only ever be performed by trained electricians who have access to specialized equipment.

In addition to the very real risk of electrocution and fire, there are also government regulations to keep in mind. For example, the state of Colorado requires homeowners to obtain a permit before installing electrical wiring. Failing to stay up to code can land you in trouble and prevent you from selling your property down the road.

What is a fair price for an electrician?

As in most other industries, the cost of electrical work can vary widely depending on the scope and complexity of the specific service you requested. For instance, rewiring your entire home will inevitably cost more than replacing the housing on an electrical outlet.

To obtain an accurate quote, reach out to a reputable company in your area and consult with their electricians directly. After learning more about your situation, they will be able to provide you with a quote.

Where can I hire dependable electrical contractors in Fort Collins, CO?

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