How to Find the Right Tiles for Your Home

If you’ve ever gone through the adventure of a home improvement project, you already know that it involves a lot more work than you initially expect. You might have many creative ideas about how you’d like your new floors to look, how they’d perfectly complement the rest of your home décor, or you might wish to make significant changes to your current setup.

Whatever the case, picking out the perfect floor tiles is about much more than just aesthetics and creativity. There are a lot of technical details you should familiarize yourself with if you’re a hands-on type of person. However, no amount of research can replace professional knowledge and experience. This is the main reason why most people turn to reliable floor tile contractors in Fort Collins. Read on!

How Do I Choose the Right Tiles for My Home?

How to Find the Right Tiles for Your Home

Even though installing floor tiles should be left to professionals, most people want to choose tiles that fit their taste and aesthetic sensibility, but they should also satisfy certain technical requirements.

The main factors to consider when choosing your new tiles should be:

Size. Tile size, while adding to the aesthetic composition of the space, is something you might want to consult professionals about as there’s the issue of wastage to consider. Larger-sized tiles are better suited for spacious rooms, while the smaller ones work better in bathrooms and kitchens.

Design. You already know that floor tiles come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, ornamental or elegant patterns – or you may prefer plain single-color ones. Choose according to the effect you wish to achieve. 
Calmer, and softer colors are used in bathrooms to create a relaxing feel, and more lively and colorful ones are used in kitchens. When it comes to outdoor ones, you could go either way – you know what you like.

Material. This is also something you may need to consult professionals about, but the final decision is naturally up to you. You can choose between ceramic tiles that are generally durable and more affordable but tend to crack or chip when you drop something heavy on the floor, for example. The porcelain ones are stronger and scratch resistant.

Finish. There are usually three types of tile finish to choose from: matte, gloss, and semi-matte. Gloss finish ones are shiny and make the room seem more spacious, but they might not be the perfect solution for bathrooms as they get slippery when wet.
Matte finish is slip-resistant, and since they’re non-reflective, stains and dirt are less noticeable. Semi-mattes ones are somewhere in between, they’re not slippery when wet, and a bit shinier than the fully matte ones.

Cost. The cost of your new floor tiles will naturally depend on the quality of the material and the size of the floor you’re covering. However, you should also keep in mind that there’s usually about 10% of wastage as some tiles get broken or need to be cut in specific ways to fill out corners and edges of the room.

How to find expert floor tile contractors in Fort Collins?

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