4 Ideas For Preventing Frozen Pipes This Winter

Preventing Frozen Pipes

Winter is one of the most charming times of year in Fort Collins, CO. Skiing, sledding, making snowmen, you’ve seen the postcards. Not everything, however, fares well during the winter months. Your home’s plumbing, in particular, is vulnerable to freezing up, and that could lead to disaster. To avoid any unpleasantness, here are a few things you can do to avoid frozen pipes this winter.

1.  To Avoid Frozen Pipes, Insulate Them

Insulating your pipes is one of the easiest and most effective ways to protect them from the harsh winter temperatures. Pipe insulation isn’t complicated and is very inexpensive. It’s particularly important to insulate pipes that run through unfinished basements and crawl spaces, as that’s where they’re most most vulnerable.

2. Maintain a Consistent Thermostat

It’s often a good idea to adjust your thermostat as the temperature changes in order to save money. When pipes are at risk of freezing, however, this isn’t a good idea. Maintaining a steady flow of warm air throughout your home might be just what you need to prevent frozen pipes.

3. Open Up All Cabinet Doors

Here’s a little trick that not everyone is aware of, but can make a big difference. Open your bathroom and kitchen cabinets to allow warm air to pass through. The reason this works is because most sinks are located near exterior walls. Since these areas are poorly insulated, it’s easy for the cold outside air to chill and even freeze the pipes beneath the sinks. Leaving cabinet doors open — especially in the evenings — permits more warm, interior air to reach the pipes.

4. Leave Faucets Running

This goes against everything you’ve ever been taught, but sometimes it’s a good idea to leave the faucets running to protect yourself from frozen pipes. Allowing water to run through your pipes on extremely cold days and nights prevents them from freezing. No more than a trickle is necessary, but it can save you from massive repair bills if your pipes were to freeze.

If, heaven forbid, you were to suffer from frozen pipes, reach out to the skilled craftsmen at Handyman Connection of Fort Collins, CO. We can handle all your plumbing and home repair needs, give us a call today!